What is your business worth beyond simple dollars and cents?

MExit Program
(Maximizing the value of your Exit)

“Spend time upfront to invest in systems and processes to make long-term growth sustainable.” -Jeff Platt

At the end of the day, knowing WHAT needs to be done to optimize your business is important.

BUT, it’s the right HOW that will ensure your business is sold for the right value, to the right buyer, ensuring you leave the right legacy.

From emerging businesses to owners currently preparing their companies for sale, ProACTv commits to maximizing value,  assisting in transacting for optimum value, and effectively transferring value for businesses. We are here to create an experience for owners, employees, and communities that ensure the sustainability of all through conscious business processes and integration.

 This multi-purpose framework is for companies at all stages who understand that the real value is in optimizing their full potential, resulting in better outcomes when they sell.

Simply put, MExit empowers you to:


  • Exit successfully
  • Retire with confidence
  • Maximize your personal financial value
  • Provide a financial legacy for your family
  • Leave a sustainable, thriving workplace for your people
  • Leave an economic legacy for your community
  • Know you’ve made a lasting difference

The first step – knowing what value your business currently has. This starts with a simple, no-cost value assessment.

You’ve nurtured your business, but know your endgame is coming. Armed with your current value, the next step is building a clear plan for your exit. This is where ProACTv comes in.

Using MExit – our proprietary framework – allows you to prepare your business for a maximum value PROFITABLE sale. This planning process moves in three main steps:

Maximize Value

Create the greatest value for sellers well before the transaction, by consciously and intentionally preparing the business for maximum extractable value & providing the most exit options.

Transact for Value

Here, we optimize your options
ensuring you keep the most post-tax dollars by selecting & acting on the best exit opportunity. Handing over your business is not just a transaction. It is a transition that requires planning for minimal interruptions and you receive the full price you negotiated for its sale.

Transfer Value

Transforming the organization for buyers to the next level of performance by aligning the leadership team to the new owners’ vision, to grow a sustainable, thriving business. This ensures that you – the new owner gains a sustainable, high-performing business that is in tune with your future goals.

The Art of
Selling Your Business

The truth is if you’ve never sold a business before, why should you know how? Planning for succession or sale is a fundamental part of running any business. Yet, it’s typically not what we set out to do when we start. 

Preparing a business for sale is an art form that creates an experience and a valuable business that is “net ready” to sell when the right buyer comes along. Within the Value Builder and MExit framework, you receive the right steps and activities for your business and personal preference.

 Through working with ProACTv you will be set up for a successful business exit.

 Whether you’re selling your business to outside buyers, a family member succeeds you, your employees buy your business, or any other number of business exit strategies that work for you, there is a different HOW that must be considered and implemented.

Curious to learn how to maximize the value of your business exit?

ProACTv is your partner for optimizing the true value of your business, allowing you to exit, on your own terms, in the manner you know you deserve!


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ProACTv is your partner for optimizing the true value of your business, allowing you to exit, on your own terms, in the manner you know you deserve!

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