What would life look like if you uncovered the real value in your business?

ProACTv Services

How you manage the growth of your business directly relates to how you’ll exit. The question is…how do you want to do this? 

Chances are, your exit is not something you’ve spent years thinking about, but it’s what keeps you up at night. After all, the majority of your wealth is most likely in your business. What’s worse is knowing that only 10% of businesses cash out as planned. But, this does not have to mean you.

 With ProACTv, you have a cost-effective management team when you need one to provide the right “how to” tools and processes to optimize your business value through the transition that is right for you.

Executive Management

When you don’t need full-time, permanent management, but need the right guidance forward.


When you know what builds value, MExit shows you HOW to implement for sustainable value.

Building Your Future

Realize your business goals in an efficient, value-focused manner, building the legacy you want.

We offer all levels of support to meet your business wherever you’re at. Within our service offerings, you’ll benefit from:

  • Sustainable business practices
  • Sound business systems & processes
  • High performing teams
  • Leaders without high-costing salary titles
  • Strategy-based execution
  • A highly profitable and valuable enterprise
  • Maximum Value as you Exit

The Lean Engagement

  • Self-directed process for DIY businesses to utilize the Value Builder report findings and work the process independently.


  • Integrated process whereby we review your Value Builder report
  • 1:1 consulting to determine action plan based on report and how to implement within your business

The Consulting Engagement

  • Review your Value Builder report
  • Determine how to use the report for your business
  • Engage the Value Builder Tool to support the full HOW behind the WHAT
  • 1:1 consulting to work through the Value Builder process with you.

    The Full Engagement

    • A full strategic planning engagement process
    • Timeline typically between 3 – 5 years starting with a pro-bono session to clearly define values, vision, mission to clarify what you want to accomplish as a company
    • Work with the team to show HOW they work with the process for values alignment

      Services offered pertain to how you can maximize the value of your business to create a net-ready business that is a fully supported experience. Areas ProACTv commonly supports for businesses ready to invest in optimizing their value include:

      • Buying a company
      • Selling a company
      • Implementing conscious capitalist ideas and strategies (business for good philosophy)
      • Operational effectiveness
      • Leadership development and training
      • Team building and restructuring
      • Temporary vacant executive position
      • Special project management
      • Strategic planning and execution
      • New products/markets
      • Revenue optimization
      • New marketing initiatives
      • Growth infrastructure design
      • Process improvement
      • Systems & reporting
      • Pre & Post-MA integration
      • Financial/administrative controls
      • Re-aligning corporate culture

      Know you’re ready to take the next step to engage with your business legacy?

      ProACTv is your partner for optimizing the true value of your business, allowing you to exit, on your own terms, in the manner you know you deserve!


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      ProACTv is your partner for optimizing the true value of your business, allowing you to exit, on your own terms, in the manner you know you deserve!

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